Good Morning to the dwellers of the middle Tac room(John, Julie, Olivia, Susan and Emma....please be aware there may be some damp paint around the edges due to finishing late. (hoping it
Will be dry).
9/16/2012 04:08:35 am

Thank you Stan, what a fabulous job you are making of out tac room! Seemed dry although I didn't touch it to check, didn't want to mess it up. All looking very bright in there, we'll all be poseurs before long, wearing our shades at all times to stop the dazzle lol....

9/16/2012 04:40:27 am

Hi Susan, Your welcome. Jusy the front facing wall to finish now (Clean up and sweep).

We are looking at the option of strip lighting rather than the present Bulbs. This would brighten the area equally and reduce the dazzle(hopefully)


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