Halloween Sunday 28th Oct 2012

We are hosting our Halloween themed events on Sunday 28th Oct 2012. Come join us for some frighty fun and a spooky night ride.
You flattened Bella but keep rolling!!!!!!
The Boydstone massive at work. Feel free to add your own photos

Lost Property


Just togs riding hat.
If anyone has lost a riding hat please let us know. We have found one and would love to get it back to its rightful owner!!
One of our horse boxes washed cleaned and polished ready for the winter.
Good morning everyone,
The bedding pile is getting low and we
a new load. We expect delivery over
the next couple of days.
Good Morning to the dwellers of the middle Tac room(John, Julie, Olivia, Susan and Emma....please be aware there may be some damp paint around the edges due to finishing late. (hoping it
Will be dry).

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